Hungry by Iris L'or

Wist je dat partnergeweld de meest voorkomende vorm van geweld is in onze maatschappij? Om duidelijk te maken dat partnergeweld niet OK is, zijn we gestart met de productie voor de nieuwe muziekclip van Iris L'or, een muziekclip tegen partnergeweld in samenwerking met Alles Kan en met de steun van de Stad Gent. - Muzikant/songwriter Iris L'or.

Lyrics - Hungry

Verse: Just breaking someone
To the bone, till every tear is dried up
It takes a devil in disguise to fake it all
And causing all this pain

I said/warned I 'd man up
I would fight with you, and I would stand up
I would defend what's mine, not hurting anyone
Now that takes you offline

Chorus: U made me hungry
Never paid with love, u left me lonely
Kept the feelings I left inside
I lost on you
So choose another prey

Verse: Your words declare war
Are you stronger when you bring me down more
Telling lies I surely cannot understand
Does that make you a man

You have no control
Sure u can't hold in, and punch me through the door
Hold your grip on me so I cannot ignore
U did those things for sure/it all before

Chorus: Listen up, coming up hard since that motherfucking bastard
never alloud me to open up, speak up, feel stuff
do whatever a human has been intitled to...
punching the fuck out off my brains so I would listen for once...
an opinion was overrated, I was underestimated, never enough,
just usefull and prepared for your filthy needs..
so now fuck off and kiss it.. please.


Free end...